Thoughts and Wanderings

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The first time I noticed her was in August of last year when I first started back to work after my summer break. She was bent over, her body beginning to form a question mark. But she was running. Well, not really running. More of a little shuffle as her feet lifted slightly from the ground, her arms bent at the elbow with almost fists in front of her chest. Her back was bent and her head was low. She wore sweats, a hat, and white ear bud cords. I've been seeing her for about six months now. It was almost painful to watch and I wondered what motivated her to get out and do this every morning.

I saw her again this morning. She wore the same sweats, the same hat, the same ear buds. But she looked different. This morning her back was straighter! Her little shuffle was more the gait of a runner! Her steps were more confident. I smiled and gave her a silent cheer as I drove past, looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow. The body that had looked old and wasted was no longer. And I understood.