Thoughts and Wanderings

Monday, September 22, 2008

A daughter's cancer

Our children aren't supposed to get cancer. My daughter, a young wife and mother, is supposed to be enjoying the best times of her life. But she was recently hospitalized with thyroid cancer which spread to two lymph nodes. Her thyroid and two lymph nodes were removed. Seeing her in the Oncology Ward of the hospital broke my heart. 

Now she's going back to the hospital for an Iodine Radiation treatment that I can barely understand. She's a fighter. She always was. Now she's fighting to get rid of the cancer that has invaded her body. Her spirit is positive and she's ready to go. Anxious to get through this next step. Wanting it done and over. Me too.

The best times of her life are just ahead. Healthy. Strong. Happy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We will never forget

A beautiful morning. 
A motorcycle ride on Highway 50 near Lake Tahoe. 
Car out of control crossed over the two lane road to oncoming traffic. 
Senseless accident.
Unbelievable tragedy.
A vital life gone in an instant.
53 years old
Over 750,000 miles on his bike and heading for the  million mark...
About 75 motorcycles with two Highway Patrol escorts slowly approached the funeral home.
Not a sound except for the quiet roar of the motorcycles. 
All was still. Silence. Tears.